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About Us

Drem Décor is a unique boutique and online store that offers a vast selection of beddings, tablecloths, towels and bathroom accessories. We serve and offer products from basic in-stock items, to upscale, custom bed linen and designer products from dozens of well-known brands like Designers Guild, Elegant Linen, Kassatex and many more brands.

We also carry several hard-to-find products from niche companies. Our products appeal to those who appreciate superior quality, and latest design trends. Each of our product lines have been tested by our staff to ensure that they meet the uncompromising standards that we expect from items we use in our own homes.

Our online store is backed by an experienced staff that works in our stylish and contemporary “brick-and-mortar” shop located at 1036 av. Bernard in Outremont, QC. Daily interaction with our local customer base gives us the unique opportunity to tune in and test new ideas and new kitchen products. We work hard to stay ahead of the latest cooking trends and to source products that make the lives of our customers easier, wherever they may be.

Drem Décor staff is available to help you with any item you may need more information about. Feel free to contact us during normal business hours by phone at 514-416-7701. Or feel free to contact us through our website at any time.

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Drem Décor